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Welcome to popupblooms

Welcome to my first ever blog. Since coming up with the idea of popupblooms last Autumn there have many ‘firsts’ for me - it has been a bit of a whirlwind!

Trying to master social media, now that was a challenge. Anyone that knows me knows I am a self-confessed tech dinosaur and thank you so much to those of you who have helped me with social media. I still have sooooo much to learn but I am rather proud of myself that I have got this far!

Designing a logo with Als Couzens - I love my logo, thank you.

My first ever website - the scariest thing was having to have my picture taken! Thank you to Luke and the Infiniti Graphics team for making it less scary and for designing this website with me.

Running a market stall – that has been a huge learning curve but also lots of fun, if not very cold – one day I had to set up the stall in minus 6 °C. I had so many layers on it was hard to bend down!

Setting up the floral workshops and running them – I love doing them and thank you to those of you who have come along and learnt something new and been such lovely people to teach.

I love all things floral. I have been very lucky and privileged to spend pretty much all my working life in the flowers and plants industry. I love the creative side of the industry. Flowers and plants can be so beautiful and colourful and enhance any occasion or just add colour to your life at home.

Over the coming months I hope to take you through my journey as I continue to develop popupblooms, new exciting adventures and also comments and observations on floral life as it happens. I love my garden, so tales from Jonquil Cottage are highly likely to feature along the way too. 

I hope you will join me. 

Paula x

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