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Peonies, a special birthday and a special wedding

It is August – my well-intended plan to post a blog each month has failed already! Must try harder!

June disappeared in a whoosh of busyness, and not quite sure where July went!

In June I worked for three weeks for New Horizon Flowers, a family business, who grow beautiful cut peonies in and around Lincolnshire – it was such hard work, I likened it to ‘peony boot camp’ – very physical work – I must have walked well over 25K steps a day and discovered muscles I never knew I had, I did it last year too but had semi-forgotten how full on it was.

Growing seasonal flowers means that often it is a very small team that do much of the work year round and then as the harvesting season ramps up more people come and work over the very busy harvesting period but the grower has been flat out for several months before that and how they keep going doing such long hours is beyond me – I was exhausted, I only did 3 weeks!

It was then straight out of working with peonies to celebrating my mother's 4 score years and 10 'special' birthday - she will be cross I have shared her age but she is amazing and I truely hope if I reach that age I have the umph that she has - she will say she hasn't got any anymore but she is always busy doing something.

Then at the end of June I did my first wedding as a ‘creative flower person’

I am not embarrassed to say it was my first one, everyone has to start somewhere, and I loved doing it. I loved the planning and creative stage, working with Catia and Ryan, the bride and groom, who trusted me to realise their vision for what they wanted on their special day, and then the whole execution of decorating the church (which I had many hands helping me which was so good – thank you again to everyone), the reception venue and making the bouquets and buttonholes etc. was so full on for three days - surviving on antibiotics (I had bronchitis) and little sleep and naughty snacks and my lovely sister, Lisa, came and helped and kept me sane.

It all came together, it was a sea of white scented Duchess de Nemours peonies mixed with other complementary white flowers and several varieties of eucalyptus, importantly incorporated as Catia is Australian – peonies supplied by New Horizon Flowers of course, the father of the groom.

I also was kindly asked to supply flowers for a special person for their 60th birthday celebrations in Cambridge for the same day as the wedding! The brief - bright and cheerful, not scented and not too tall so that people can talk to each other around the table and not be hidden by the flowers.

I loved doing this too but in hindsight (always a wonderful thing) too much on top of the wedding but we did it on the hottest day of the year thus far, 29th June, and delivered them on time to the venue – phew!

Flowers bring so much joy to people, they add so much to a venue or an event or by just giving them to someone as a gift.

Now planning more wedding flowers for this Autumn, 2020 and the year after! Happy days

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